Mother of Black Pearl

Pearl is composed of mollusk which creates an organic chemical compound called aragonite.

This chemical is created in order to protect mollusks from parasites and bacterial infection. Sometimes when a grain of sand penetrates inside a mollusk shell, this can begin the process of an unwanted corpuscle wrapping around the sand. This gives rise to the creation of pearls.

Aragonite crystal structure is formed, which gradually merge and combine into a form of plates (pebbles).This crystal structure overlaps in certain layers and shapes, and can be created in an extraordinarily spectacular range of colors. In the daylight these shapes can be extremely shiny and can change colors. How the nacre-pearl forms depends on the temperature of the sea and water pressure, this makes each pearl unique.

Pearl is studied worldwide by scientists for its strength, durability and color.In 2013 began the research of synthetic nacre-pearl.

Natural pearl is mainly used in jewelry, where you can create incredible shapes and sizes that are not only embedded into the watch faces, but also into earrings, pendants and rings. Pearl is used in some extent in the music industry as well, as decorations for extravagant furniture.

It is not recommended to store pearls with sharp objects or to use chemical cleansers as this can cause irreparable damage to jewelry and ornaments made of pearls.